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Most of these questions are answered on the various pages of our web site, primarily the Rules page. We just wanted another convenient place for players to find simple answers to questions. If you have a question that you can't get an answer to on our site, please send us the question by e-mail at and we'll answer it for you. We might also add it to this page.

Q: What do I do if I make my picks then realize one or more of those games started before I made those picks?
A: If a game has already started at the time you make your picks, you can change that pick if none of the other games that hadn't started when you made your picks has also started. You just resubmit your picks all over again replacing the game that had started with one that hasn't. Our system will tell us if the new picks are valid or if you are stuck with them because other games have kicked off. Once another game starts, your picks are locked, including the erroneous pick and it counts as a loss.
Q: What do I do if I make a mistake on my picks or just want to change them?
A: If none of the games you picked has already started, you can make new picks by just submitting all over again. Picks arrive in our database with a time stamp so we will record the last picks that come in from you. Our system is also set up to let us know if any of the games you picked has started. So we will know if the newly submitted picks are valid or not. If you make your picks, and then one of those games starts, then your picks are locked and you can't make any more changes.


What if I think an error has been made on my score?

The most common reasons players think their score is wrong is that they've used a point spread other than what is on the official spreads, from a newspaper or other web site, or they made a mistake entering their picks. On our side, we might have entered the game score incorrectly into our system. To check on a potential error, follow these steps:

  1. Check the page with that week's picks to verify what picks were recorded for you.

  2. Go to the Point Spreads page for the official spread and the result on the game in question.

  3. If you still think we got it wrong, send us an email at and we'll figure it out. Specify which game result you think we got wrong.

Also, make it a habit to print or screenshot your confirmation page when you make your picks so there is some proof of your picks in case there is a dispute.
Q: What is the deadline for picks?
A: You can make your picks as long as you have games to choose from that have not started. For instance, if we're in the period of time where you have to pick at least two college games, you can wait until the last two games on Saturday to make your picks and then pick NFL games to complete your five picks.
Q: Can I still make picks if there aren't five games left to choose from?
A: Yes. We encourage you to make picks using whatever games are left on the schedule when you get around to it. As we say on the History Page, every point you can score is important. If you get to the point where there are fewer than five games left, pick from the remaining games, then select No Pick in the drop-down menus for any picks left over. No Pick is the first selection in the drop-down menus.
Q: Why don't you just let players pick any five games they want to play instead of requiring them to pick some college and some NFL games?
A: Picking college and pro games is simply the essence of Pigskin Mania. It's like asking why are there four quarters in a football game. It's because that is how the game was invented. It is intended to test your skills at football, not just college or pro.

What do I do if I don't have internet access and can't make my picks through the website?

A: It's a good idea to keep The Poolmaster's cell phone number on your phone. Also bookmark the mobile site. As a last resort, you can text or phone in your picks. The number is (520) 444-3883.