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  1. Point spreads will be posted each week by 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday.

  2. NEW RULE: We have a new point spreads provider. Point spreads are taken from Once the spreads are posted on this page, they are OFFICIAL with the exception listed in Item 3 below. Updated point spreads appearing on after the spreads are posted here are not official.

  3. If there is an error in the point spreads that is detected more than TWO HOURS before the first scheduled game of the week, it will be corrected and will become the official point spread. If the incorrect point spread is not detected at least two hours before the first scheduled game, it will remain as the official point spread. If there is a correction made in the spreads, it will be noted at the top of the point spreads chart that there is a correction without indicating which game was involved. Errors that remain in the point spreads will not be noted.

  4. Scheduled game times are listed with the point spreads for the convenience of players. However, it remains the responsibility of the player to know the actual start time as times may change due to weather or other circumstances.

  5. All game times are Eastern Time.

  6. In the event a game time changes the actual time a game starts will determine whether it is eligible to be picked regardless of the time listed on this page. As stated in the rules, any game that has started is no longer eligible to be picked. Be advised there have been instances where weather or other circumstances have caused game times to change to an earlier start, even as much as a day earlier. Likewise, if a game starts later than the time posted on this page, it is eligible to be played up until the game actually begins. Finally, the games are posted in the order they appear on They might not be listed in chronological order.

  7. Visiting teams are listed first. It is up to the player to know if a game is played on a neutral field. It will not be indicated in the chart.

  8. Point spreads are listed as a negative number on the line for the FAVORITE.

  9. If a team you want to pick does not appear on this page, then that team is not eligible to be picked.

  10. If the LINE column has PK in it instead of a number, the game is a "pick 'em," meaning the point spread is zero and the winner of the game covers the spread.

  11. If the LINE column has NL in it instead of a number, there is NO LINE on that game and neither team is available to be picked. If you pick either team, it is a loss.

  12. When game results are posted, the name of the point spread winner will be highlighted in  DARK BLUE. The point spread loser will be highlighted in  GRAY. If a game is a PUSH, both picks are losses and both teams will be highlighted in gray.

The point spreads below are UNOFFICIAL and are posted for conversation purposes only as we approach the Pigskin Mania season. Official point spreads will be posted the week of the first games.

NOTE: We have a new point spreads provider, DraftKings Sportsbook. The previous provider,, has changed the formatting on its spreads page that is not conducive to our format. DraftKings was selected because it has formatting that is easy to cut and paste into our Spreads page format. All other rules for point spreads apply. Under the rules, once the OFFICIAL point spreads are posted on this page, those are the spreads the rest of the weekend, and updates on the DraftKings website do not apply.

Week 1 UNOFFICIAL Posted: 8/18 12:56 PM
Game times may change without notice. The actual start time determines the deadline to pick a game.
Winning teams are highlighted in DARK BLUE. Losing teams are highlighted in GRAY.
NCAA Line Score NCAA Line Score NFL Line Score
Thu 7:00 PM     Sat 3:30 PM     No Games Scheduled    
West Virginia     UTEP          
Pittsburgh -7   Oklahoma -32        
Thu 7:00 PM     Sat 3:30 PM          
Ball St.     Tulsa -2        
Tennessee -32   Wyoming          
Thu 7:00 PM     Sat 4:00 PM          
C. Michigan     BYU -12.5        
Oklahoma St. -21   South Florida          
Thu 8:00 PM     Sat 4:00 PM          
Penn St. -3   Troy          
Purdue     Mississippi -22.5        
Thu 8:00 PM     Sat 6:00 PM          
Louisiana Tech     W. Kentucky -11.5        
Missouri -19.5   Hawaii          
Thu 9:00 PM     Sat 6:00 PM          
New Mexico St.     Rice          
Minnesota -37   Southern Cal -35        
Fri 7:00 PM     Sat 6:00 PM          
W. Michigan     FAU -3        
Michigan St. -19.5   Ohio          
Fri 7:00 PM     Sat 7:00 PM          
Virginia Tech -8.5   Miami, Ohio          
Old Dominion     Kentucky -20.5        
Fri 7:30 PM     Sat 7:00 PM          
Temple     Liberty -3.5        
Duke -7   Southern Miss          
Fri 8:00 PM     Sat 7:00 PM          
Illinois     Utah -2        
Indiana -5   Florida          
Fri 10:00 PM     Sat 7:00 PM          
TCU -10.5   Massachusetts          
Colorado     Tulane -30        
Sat 12:00 PM     Sat 7:30 PM          
North Carolina -2   Utah St.          
Appalachian St.     Alabama -38.5        
Sat 12:00 PM     Sat 7:30 PM          
Buffalo     Memphis          
Maryland -21   Mississippi St. -16        
Sat 12:00 PM     Sat 7:30 PM          
N. Carolina St. -10.5   Notre Dame          
East Carolina     Ohio St. -15.5        
Sat 12:00 PM     Sat 7:30 PM          
Rutgers     SMU -9.5        
Boston College -7.5   North Texas          
Sat 12:00 PM     Sat 7:30 PM          
Colorado St.     Georgia St.          
Michigan -27.5   South Carolina -13        
Sat 12:00 PM     Sat 8:00 PM    
Army     Louisville -3.5  
Coastal Carolina -3   Syracuse    
Sat 2:30 PM     Sat 8:00 PM    
Bowling Green     La.-Monroe    
UCLA -26   Texas -38  
Sat 3:00 PM     Sat 10:30 PM    
Texas St.     Boise St.    
Nevada -6   Oregon St. -3.5  
Sat 3:30 PM     Sat 10:30 PM    
Arizona     Kent St.    
San Diego St. -6   Washington -21.5  
Sat 3:30 PM     Sun 7:30 PM    
Houston -6   Florida St.    
UTSA     LSU -3  
Sat 3:30 PM     Mon 8:00 PM    
Cincinnati     Clemson -21  
Arkansas -7   Georgia Tech    
Sat 3:30 PM          
Georgia -17